Tuesday, March 2, 2010

billAnywhere is helping merchants go paperless

With billAnywhere, the key benefits of the latest release that helps merchants go paperless are:

* Emailing of invoices: with billAnywhere, creating an invoice couldn't be easier. Whether you are selling products or services, you can create an invoice and then email it to your customer in seconds. Not only will you save on paper and ink, you will also provide your customer with an electronic version of their invoice for safe keeping, accounting, etc.

* Online Accountant access: There is no more the need to pack up all your sales receipt and your purchase orders in a shoe box and deliver it to your accountant. You can provide your accountant with a secure online access to view your sales, accounts receivables and financial sales summary with ease. Your accountant will love it.

* Customer Portal: Give your customers access to view their upcoming appointments, and sales orders history with the customer portal.

* Document Management (coming soon): With the document management module, you will be able to scan and attach documents to the records of employees, customers and vendors. This could be estimates, bills, invoices, employee notices and more.

billAnywhere continues to implement features that give their customers the innovative edge to running and managing their business.

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