Wednesday, August 12, 2009

billAnywhere release v1.1

This summer billAnywhere has been busy. We've added some fantastic NEW features in our v1.1 release.

Here at billAnywhere, we are constantly working to improve our software and make sure you have the best experience possible. Thanks to some great feedback from you all, we have updated our billAnywhere application with features to make your managing and running your business better!

Check these out:

1) Enhanced shipping management. From the inventory management screen, your shipping management has been given additional features such as per item shipping, flat rate and table rate shipping. With table rate, you can set shipping rates by start and end weights.

2) Save your columns setting in the inventory management and sales orders/credits screen. Now you can right click on the colum and select to show/hide the columns of your choice. Next click on save so the next time you'll columns will be automatically loaded.

3) Label printing for inventory items. From the inventory management screen, you can now print labels of your inventory to place on your products or shelves.

4) Enhanced item details. In the item details screen you could now print bar codes, upload up to 5 images per item, item attributes such as weight, size, selling options and webstore searchable keywords.

5) Email your customers their sales orders and monthly statements. Now you can email all your customers their sales orders and statements directly without having to print it.

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